Engaged Phil

The first project in engaged philosophy focuses on philosophy in the schools, a long-standing interest that I first explored while I was still an undergraduate. (I spent two months working at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children in Montclair, New Jersey before running the first Western Australian conference on philosophy for children at Yanchep in 1986.) More recently, I was the founding director for Philosophy for Children Alberta (2008-2015), and as a part of that helped to set up both in-school programs—such as a philosopher in residence program—and an innovative summer day camp, Eurekamp!, directed successively by John Simpson and Jason Taylor, that consistently draws around 250-300 young philosophers over a 4-6 week period. I am currently looking at the best ways to adapt these innovations so that they can integrate with the vibrant philosophy in the schools community in Perth, and Australia more generally. Here I will be working with VAPS at the state level and FAPSA at the national level.

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