• About Rob

    About Rob

    I have been professor of philosophy at the University of Western Australia since late 2019, having taught over the past 30 years in North America at the University of Alberta (2000-2017), the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1996-2001), and Queen’s University (1992-1996), and most recently at La Trobe University in Melbourne (2017-2019). I am also a… Continue reading

  • Engaged Phil

    The first project in engaged philosophy focuses on philosophy in the schools, a long-standing interest that I first explored while I was still an undergraduate. (I spent two months working at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children in Montclair, New Jersey before running the first Western Australian conference on philosophy for children at… Continue reading

  • Mentoring

    Apart from my formal supervisions of MA and PhD students, my roles directing Philosophy for Children Alberta and the Living Archives on Eugenics in Western Canada over the past dozen years have involved a lot of work informally mentoring students, teachers, and others through workshops, employee supervision, directed studies, and research assistantship direction. I currently… Continue reading

  • Mind & Cognition

    My principal focus as a doctoral student and junior faculty member was in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. From early on, partly under the influence of Kim Sterelny (during a Vacation Scholarship at ANU in Canberra while and undergraduate) and Frank Keil (in my first year of graduate work at Cornell), I thought… Continue reading

  • Bio & Social Sciences

    Although my principal early career focus was in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, my first appointment at Queen’s University was in the philosophy of science. I taught my first class in the philosophy of biology while there more than twenty years ago, and have maintained both research and teaching interests there since that… Continue reading

  • Eugenics, Disability, & P4C

    Philosophy for children has been a strong, driving interest of mine since I was an undergraduate, and philosophical and moral issues connected to disability have emerged in much of the work I have undertaken in the past 10 years. While my philosophical activities in other areas has involved its share of professional involvement (e.g., chairing… Continue reading

  • Other Philosophy

    Finally, I have systematic research interests in a few other areas, particularly within metaphysics and the history of modern philosophy (esp. Locke), and I simply list the publications here. Continue reading

  • Teaching

    Much of the teaching I have done has been with primary and secondary students and their teachers as part of my involvement in philosophy in the schools. At the university level, I have taught in a broad range of areas, including the philosophy of mind, psychology, and cognitive science, the philosophy of biology, and the… Continue reading

  • Sites

    Links to my work online. Continue reading

  • Contact

    Contact me at Rob ● Wilson at UWA ● EDU ● AU Or complete the form: Continue reading